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Customer Reviews

Christina G.

"I so love Jimmy, he's the greatest man. I love how humble he is, always sweet and funny. Jimmy help me saving money and help me do my taxes at a reasonable price."


Tuliaitanuu B.

"I've been a client of Jimmy's for 8 years now. When I first met him, he challenged me to let him review my submitted tax returns for 3 previous years. He looked them over and was able to find over $3000 in missed deductions. I usually schedule my appointment in November for the first week of February because he is so popular. As always a fair and excellent customer service."


Sheena C.

"After being recommended by numerous people. I went to Jimmy for the past tax season. He is so kind, friendly, and funny, but most important, sharp - - very sharp with numbers and deductions. He helped me navigate my deductions as an independent contractor and as small business owner. Being I had more than the usual (I'm assuming) to input, I had two 1-hour appointment. His prices are extremely reasonable and worth is for the return that he got for me. I honestly thought I would not get a return this year, but the amount I received exceeded any wishes for one! He will also review your last 3 tax years. Can't wait to make that appointment. Highly recommended -- I just wish I'd gone to him sooner!


Ricky C.

"Thank you Jimmy for helping with my tax. Jimmy and his staff are very good at finding deductions you might miss. Highly recommended."

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